Best ways to use a spare room

Best ways to use a spare room
If  you have extra space in your home in the form of unused spare room, then turning it into a multipurpose space that can still accommodate overnight visitors is a great way to show off the versatility of your home.  This spare room may have the potential to be used as an office, guest room, and/or music space. Whatever suits your lifestyle, considering your options is an important first step to transforming your space and maximizing your home’s functionality.
As more people are choosing to work from home, and as Americans notoriously work long hours, having a reserved space at home to tackle projects, or even just your bills and personal finances can be a great way to stay organized and leave your favorite spots at home uncluttered.  Home offices have broad appeal. Hang shelves to organize files and papers and you can still have room for a sofa bed, where a guest can spend the night while visiting.  As for  Entertainment Room  will be ideal with a Television set, surround sound, and video game console, as will cover  all aspects you may consider for entertainment.  Think about a projector and screen are another option for your movie viewings, awesome!
What about playroom?  a playroom If you have children,  a popular option   to give kids a space of their own that will allow them to be creative, messy, and playful.  After all, you probably don’t want toys, crayons, and games scattered all over the living room floor. Plenty of storage space will be important for keeping the room tidy. Bright, happy colors will make the space more fun.  
The goal is to have the best use for extra space you may have at home.

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