First-time Home Seller? Get the Facts!

First-time Home Seller? Get the Facts!

“This is a real-estate-driven economy from top to bottom.” Christopher Thornberg

If you are a first-time home seller and looking forward to determining a sale in today’s competitive real estate market, there is important to know that this is a complex process, and by having an experienced Realtor on your side will make a big difference.

In this current market is it important to seek professional and expert advice so you do it right the first time, so you avoid some of the common pitfalls that lots of first time home sellers have fall into in the past.

Here are some tips for home sales particularly if you are a first-time home seller:

  1. Start with preparing your home for the market:
    Understand the importance of preparing your home for the market. Prior to selling your home, it is incredibly imperative you ensure your home is ready once it has been listed for sale.
  2. Pick a reputable Realtor:
    First time home sellers should consider working with experienced Realtors familiar with your area.
  3. Have a good understanding of the local real estate market
    Considering that local real estate markets can vary significantly, is good to get as much information necessary regarding real estate activity in your area.
  4. The Price is right:One of the reasons as to why lots of homes don’t sell in real estate is simply because they are priced incorrectly. A house properly price will attract buyers and generate offer quickly. Get a Property Market Valuation from your Realtor.
  5. Know your next move: Prior to selling your home for the first time, it is very important you figure out where you will be living next. Planning is crucial to saving money and time attributed with moving your personal stuff. You can ask your real estate agent to help you find a suitable home before you begin the process of selling your home.
  6. Marketing your home appropriately:                                                                                                                                                        Marketing is equally important as pricing it properly. This why the service of experience Realtor comes into play.
    Your Realtor will market your house to many potential buyers and other agents that are working with buyers.
  7. Make your home accessible for potential buyers:
    Work with you Realtor to accommodate potential buyers to vie your home. Once a potential buyer has made an appointment to view your house, it is very important to allow the buyers to feel that they are at home. Good point of sale!
  8. Negotiation:
    Negotiation is all part of sale and it is all about giving and taking. A Realtor who has negotiation skills as part of his/her expertise is a plus for the home seller. It’s a challenging market now, and Sellers and Buyers as well have a lot of options.

So, You’re Ready to Hire a Realtor. Call Sandy Flores, Broker/Realtor  (714) 963-7462 – (562) 333-6544 A Realtor Who is Just as Committed to Accomplish your Real Estate Goals as You Are!

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