Tips when you are ready to sell your home…

Tips when you are ready to sell your home…

You love and cherish your home. You want the next owner to fall in love with it, too..through photos, through words, and through the experience of walking through your front door. But, perhaps most, you want to get the price you want. This isn’t a small task. Selling a home requires work. It requires time. The journey isn’t always easy. There will be frustrations. But when you seal the deal and move on to your next chapter — wow, what a blissful, boss feeling.

Here are some tips:

1. Interview and Select an Agent: This is the most important relationship you’ll form on your home selling journey.
2. Price Your Home: How much is your home worth? This is how your agent will help you pinpoint the price.
3.Prep Your Home for Sale: Today, home buyers have unfettered access to property listings online, so you have to make a great first impression.
4. Market Your Home: Home buyers look at countless listings online. The best-marketed homes have beautiful photos and compelling property descriptions.
5. Showcase Your Home: One of the best ways to get buyers in the door is to have an open house. This is your chance to show off your home’s best assets, and help buyers envision themselves living there.
6. Receive Offers: depending on your market and assuming you’ve collaborated with your agent, you’ve likely positioned yourself to receive attractive bids.
7. Negotiate With the Buyer: To get the best deal for you, you’ll likely have to do some negotiating
8. Negotiate Home Inspection Repairs: most purchase agreements are contingent on a home inspection This gives the buyer the ability to inspect the home from top to bottom and request repairs.
9. Close the Sale: Settlement, or closing, is the last step in the home selling process.



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